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Why Is Gluten Considered Unhealthy

Bread making has for long been perceived as a wheat product, however, people have now been able to produce bread that is not made of the wheat flour due to the effect of gluten on people. Gluten is a protein composition found on several grains like wheat, oats, barley, rye etc. It is made up of two proteins, glutenin and gliadin, people react on gliadin, it is the one which makes wheat flour to stick together on mixing with liquid. Gluten is one of most consumed protein in the world making people wonder why is gluten considered unhealthy. Though there have been some machines invented to make Gluten free breads like sunbeam bread maker 5891.Here are 5-major reasons why Gluten is considered unhealthy.

Celiac diseases

This is an autoimmune disease where immune systems attack beneficial cells in the body. In Celtic patient, the Immune system perceives gliadin protein as a foreign body and attack it, in the process, they also attack beneficial cells in the digestion system. Celiac disease is difficult to diagnose since it has no clear symptoms like abdominal discomfort which could be associated with consuming gluten making it dangerous as it can cause severe consequences before is correctly diagnosed.

Brain disorder

Gluten has been known to cause severe neurological diseases. Although it is not clear how gluten affects brain disorders, it is believed that when gluten is being broken down in the system, it forms peptides that produce gluten exorphins that can activate opioid receptors in the brain, these exorphins can get into the bloodstream then travels to the brain causing damages in the brain. The study has shown people with brain disorders showing significant improvement with the reduction of gluten in their diet.

Gut inflammation

When the immune system attacks gluten is also attack the intestinal walls thinking they are foreign bodies. This causes inflammation of the intestines resulting in increased intestinal permeability which causes diarrhea, anemia, weight loss and to an extent it may cause intestinal cancer.

Effects of Gluten on non-celiac people

Although people who do not have severe gluten effects on their body consumes gluten diet freely, a study has shown that after consuming foods with gluten many people experience bloating due to the ability of gluten to trap carbon dioxide during fermentation which adds volume to a dough, headaches, fatigue and even diarrhea. Due to this effect, many homes are increasingly removing gluten rich foods in their diets.

Weight Issue

Gluten diet is rich in carbohydrates which have a lot of calories, if consumed in large quantity it may lead to increase in weight exposing people to risks associated with excessive weight like a heart attack. Gluten rich diet can become addictive making it likely to be consumed frequently and hence weight gain. Cutting gluten in your diet can help weight loss and also promote healthy living.
Although many people consider gluten rich food to be unhealthy, it is not necessarily so and gluten free diet can also cause nutritional deficiency by eliminating essential nutrients in your diet, gluten contains essential nutrients that are beneficial to the body. Whole grains contain the following benefits, fiber, Vitamin B & D, minerals search as zinc, iron, magnesium, and calcium. However, you can still get these nutrients on other foods but you need to carefully select food with enough nutrients to replace the one eliminated. Again withdrawal of gluten diet without doctor’s advice may undermine the ability to detect and manage celiac diseases on people.