Which Is The Best Blood Pressure Monitor Of The Year

High blood pressure is a common problem, and most patients do not want the hustle that comes from running to a doctor’s office every time they need their blood pressure (BP) checked home alphamed blood pressure monitor have become common today. They make it easier for you to check your blood pressure right from the comfort of your home and help mitigate some health problems just in time.

Omron 10 Wireless BP Monitor

In my journey as a doctor and a person with diabetics, I have used many BP monitors both at my office and at home, and there is no BP monitor that beats the Omron 10 wireless monitor. It is not only popular with patients but with doctors too. It is comfortable, easy to use, accurate, and comes with useful features making it easier for you to monitor your blood pressure. Here are a few reasons why it takes the number one slot for the best home and hospital BP monitor this year.

1. Accuracy

Your BP monitor needs to be accurate. After all, you bought it for the readings. The Omron 10 wireless monitor readings range varies from 0 to 299 mmHg and has an accuracy of -+ 3mHg. It averages three tests from one person taken within ten minutes. Additional features such as the heartbeat indicator and the hypertension indicator help to improve the accuracy. For instance, if the irregular heartbeat indicator lights up you will know that you did not take your readings correctly.

2. Comfortable

All you need to do with this monitor is attach the cuff to the upper arm and hit the big blue start button. What sets it apart from its competitors is the ease with which you can attach the cuff to your arm without assistance from someone else. The cuff inflates around the upper arm making it easy to position and comfortable. Even when you are alone, you can comfortably take your blood pressure.

3. Ease Of Use

The monitor’s directions are to the point and quick to follow. The interface is easy to use, and the readings on the screen have extra-large digits that are in different colors, and even seniors will find them very easy to read. The monitor display is backlit. If you are the type of person who wants some help when taking your blood pressure, Omron 10 has a two player feature where you can compare your reading with someone else. The device will store up to 200 readings for one person.

4. Useful Features

The device has a Bluetooth connection enabling you to transfer data to your smartphone so that you can track your blood pressure easily or share it with your doctor. It also has an irregular heartbeat detection feature and hypertension feature with indicator lights to alert you when the blood pressure is too high. The device also comes with date and time functions recording your pressure with date and time. The monitor can also record 200 readings for an individual, and the two users feature can record up to 100 readings for each of the users.
Go and get this BP monitor and see if you won’t enjoy using it.

Meta Description: The Omron 10 wireless BP monitor is popular with patients and doctors alike because of its accuracy, ease of use, comfort and its useful features that allows you to save and share your BP readings.