Which Are The Best Wireless Dog Fences

There are many types of dog fences in the market today. This makes it hard for you to choose one that really fits your needs. Again, a dog fence is not just a fence, but being wireless, it consists of boundary flags, battery pack and a transmitter. Also, what to have in mind is the quality of collar, which is so important.


The following are some of the best wireless fences for dogs you can shop. What makes them be different from one another are the features they come with.

PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System

This is a type of fence that has excellent top features when you are looking for a wireless fence for your dog. When assembled, it creates a strong fence perimeter, which has ample space for the dog to roam and play. It also come with a good collar and there is no need of a ground installation, meaning that setting it up is not complicated at all. It comes with fifty boundary flags which can cover approximately 90 feet of radius. It can be used for all types of pups.


    • Has training and operating guide
    • Test lights
    • 50 boundary flags
    • RFA-67D battery with a receiver collar
    • Power adaptor and a wireless transmitter
    • Long contact points meant for heavily-haired dogs


    • It has five static correction levels
    • Waterproof collar that is adjustable (6-28 inches)
    • No ground installation needed
    • Can host many pets at a go
    • portable


    • Size restriction which has a minimum of 8 pounds
    • Peculiar round shape
    • Possibility of interference

PetSafe Stay+ Play Wireless Fence

This type here is small in size, meaning that it is highly portable

Features include:

    • Rechargeable battery with a receiver collar
    • Test light
    • Fifty marker flags
    • Training and operating guide
    • Power adapter with a wireless transmitter
    • 2 lengthy contact points
    • Contact point wrench

Havahart Wireless Radial Shape Select Fence

It is an amazing wireless fence with lots of features. The outstanding feature of all is the set-up that has the work of correcting the dog during 30 seconds and when its inn the right place, it resets itself automatically.

Features include:

    • Mount strips that are removable
    • 75 training flags, white in color
    • Wall anchors and screws
    • Waterproof collar and controller
    • Setup and operating guide
    • Charger and two rechargeable batteries
    • Collar tester with a heart shape
    • Pair of probes for long haired pups
    • Pair of probes for short haired pups

Friendly Pet Products

It is a kind of fence that covers a circular area. This however can be viewed as a disadvantage when it comes to fencing a standard yard. This fence can expand to about 5 acres, meaning that your dog will have enough space to play.

Features include:

    • Transmitter and a power adapter
    • Operating and setup guide
    • Contact points
    • Mounting system
    • Battery of 9 volts and a test light of LED
    • Wireless receiver and an adjustable collar
    • Spare fuse and screwdriver

From the above wireless dog fences, it is clear that the features are the ones that determine which type you need for your dog. Above all, convenience is the most important aspect.