Reviewing The Nathan Hipster Running Belt

Running is one of the famous sporting activity in the world. People run for different reasons. People can run for competition purposes, career building, fitness and some even run during recreation time. While running, it is important to put on recommended attires. One of the recommended attires is the hipster running belt. Not all belts serve the purpose. The Nathan Hipster Running Belt has been tested and confirmed by many users to be the best. This is evident considering the positive reviews from different users. There are so many amazing features of The Nathan Hipster Running Belt. Some of the features include;

Has super-soft stretcher

The belt has super soft stretcher that is fixed through the belt. The stretcher is flexible and adjusts to accommodate different sizes of body. It holds the waist tightly and once you put on it doesn’t rotated nor drop beyond the waist. It is important to note that other belts does not hold one tightly rather it requires some support to tighten it. The good aspect of nathans running belt is that it holds one’s waist without any suspenders. The stretcher is soft and does not cause any discomforts ones you put on. It is also designed in a way that it fits individual’s contours. This helps to shape up one’s body.

Made of quality material

It is made of a quality material. The quality material enables it to last longer. Its durability enables an individual or team save money meant for replacement for other expenses.

Multiple spacious pockets

The Nathan Hipster Running Belt has spacious side pockets. The pockets help the runner a great deal. Keep in mind that the belt has enough space to accommodate even iPhone 6 plus. That means you can put your iPhone
into one of the pockets. This will enable you to receive or make calls as you do your exercise or enjoy music from your iPhone. You can also carry with you pain killers, glucose or any other first aid item that can fit into the

Available in different colors

The belt is available in different colors. One can choose the color that favors his/her taste and preferences of the colors. You can also choose the color that matches with your other running attires. The good aspect of its colors is that they appeal and attract.

Designed to fit comfortably on all waists

The Nathan Hipster Running Belt is designed to fit the waist of an individual. Its tightness allows one to run without any frustration of holding the belt every now and then. Once you put on the belt, it will remain tight around your waist until you choose to remove it.

Fit for both men and women (unisex)

It can fit both men and women. Its make enables one to put on regardless of the gender. You do not have to look to the one designed for men or women. The belt fits both genders. This means a couple can share one belt.

Easy to wash

Washing the belt is very easy. It doesn’t retain any stains. One wash is enough to make it shine and new. It doesn’t get dirty easily and therefore maintaining it very easy.


The belt is sold at pocket friendly price. Anyone interested can procure it with minimal financial constraints.

Any time you think of having a reliable hipster running belt that will never disappoint you, consider The Nathan Hipster Running Belt.