How Do Body Fat Analyzers Work

There are a lot of factors involved in losing weight and remaining healthy. A proper diet, exercise, and other methods are necessary for real results. But how do we measure those results?

Stepping on a scale to obtain weight is no longer ideal today. Matter of factly, most scales have adapted to perform more tasks than just show you your weight. One of the tasks a scale performs is a body fat analysis.

How They Work

Body fat analyzers use a technology called “Biological Impedance Analysis.” By sending out a harmless and low electrical current, BIA is able to measure the speed of the current from your lower body tissue.

In essence, the resistance is what is being measured. After it measures the currents speed, it uses a multi-step, mathematical formula to estimate body fat. The electric currents travel quicker through muscle, and slower through fat.

Do They Work?

There has been much debate on whether or not these body fat analyzers work or not. The debate is centered around a precise and accurate reading, and if these scales perform that function.

There are a few variables that could affect the accuracy of the body fat reading.

Such as:

    • Hydration: Some studies have found in warmer climates and after exercising, that the body fat reading may shower a higher body fat count than what your body actually has. For instance, the results could be triggered if you’re dehydrated or if you drink too much water.

    • Mobility: Yes, even movement on the scale can be found to affect the reading and accuracy of omron body fat analyzer. If you want a consistent and accurate reading, it is important that you find a stationary area to put the scale and stay still. The slightest movement can alter the results.

    • Wet and Sweaty Feet: Factors like calluses, have been found to affect the results of the reading. Wet and sweaty feet as well. It’s best to keep your feet and the area dry for the best results.

The Benefits

Consumer Reports that these body fat digital scales aren’t effective and therefore not reliable. However, this depends on what you are expecting. The body fat analyzers are best used to monitor the trends during weight loss regimens. Models like Tanita, Fitbit, Taylor, Withings, and Weight Watchers can show you the trends of your body over time by performing different readings.

The benefits are innumerable, as body fat is the evil cousin of bad health. Many health risks are attributed to obesity, and if you properly utilize the body fat analyzer, then you can start seeing the results right in front of you. The mirror and old clothings can be effective as well, but not knowing the real number makes it harder for you to strive for a goal.


Certain digital scales can be used in conjunction with WIFI apps that allow you to create an account and record your results over time. Body fat analyzers should be used to measure the trends of your weight loss progress. They shouldn’t be used as a definitive science. It’s also important to be properly hydrated during the reading, and to keep your scale in a stationary area where the climate isn’t too moist.

Many customers and patients have found this to be cost a effective and alternative to the high costs of doctor visits and a motivating resource for their diet and weight loss program.