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Cognitive support can be defined as the use of artifact by an individual to think and solve problems, currently there are no practical preventive strategies or prescriptions for cognitive decline. Due to the deficiency in the health care system, patients always seek help from complementary and other alternative medicine to preserve their cognition.

Brain supplements increase the level of nutrients in the body that are known to decline with age, these nutrients are known to influence the brain skills that are responsible of thinking, learning and recalling/remembering. They supply the brain with high levels of neurotransmitters and stimulate nerve receptors to enhance memory and reasoning abilities.

If cognitive skills are not up to the required levels, a patient will always find it hard to grasp or find the process of grasping concepts to be slow or sluggish. Cognitive enhancers are supplements that have not been widely accepted by the member of the public, they are drugs that could actually increase one’s brain performance. In the scientific field they are popularly referred to as “Nootropics”. The following are the major supplements for cognitive support. You can give any focus supplement a try!


It’s the most outstanding cognitive supplement discovered in the early 60’s.

Most of the patients suffering from cognitive decline start off with this drug that has proven results in increasing brain power.

The main action of Piracetam is on the neurotransmitter acetylcholine whose receptors are involved with the formation of new memories and the connecting function of the brain. By following this link you can get more info about the cognitive supplement.


Aniracetum is administered after exposing the patient to Piracetum, its similar to the latter but with a heightened dopamine and serotonin influence. Its greater modulation on glutamate receptors produces better results on concentration, motivation and memory. Aniractum has also been known to treat depression and anxiety.


Unlike Aniracetum that has low absorption rate and a short half-life, Pramiracetum works better due to its higher absorption rate and stays longer in the brain after absorption. This helps to reduce the large dosages associated with using Aniracetum while at the same time receiving similar benefits. They key effects of Pramiracetum are the heightened effect on focus and concentration, at the same time boosting memory, mood and energy levels.


This is a supplement developed and commercialized in the recent past. It’s a slight improvement of Piracetum. Pharmacists describe Phenylpiracetum as containing up to 60 times strength compared to Piracetum. Therefore it is used to provide higher levels of mental focus and greater clarity of thought, it is said to increase transmission between the two hemispheres of the brain helping one to experience more brain power.


This is a compound derived from Racetam and found the category of dipeptides, it’s a thousand times more effective compared to a similar amount of Piracetam. Noopept is effective in improving learning, memory and reasoning abilities with a longterm effect on cognition and intellect. In some patients it’s used for Alzhemier’s treatment and also as a neuroprotectant for stroke patients.

There exists no single best supplement for brain power, different patients would register different effects for the same supplement and as such the choice of a supplement is based on personal preference.

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